One of the most widely-used social apps in the younger age group, TikTok is becoming more well-known. It is also popular among people who prefer short-form content. The tool can also be employed by teachers to develop educational videos. Maybe you’re wondering how TikTok could do to help in educational purposes.

These phrases could increase the length of your essay

If you’re struggling with your paper, you might be able to make your writing longer by using TikTok terms. You can make short videos which can help you boost your words while looking more sophisticated. These tips have become an instant hit with students many of whom even forward their tips to their parents.

The most effective way to extend the length of your essay is by increasing its words per page. This will allow the reuse of a lot of what you’ve already written. However, you must remember that teachers can easily find mistakes in essays Therefore, it is important to focus on quality rather than quantities. Be sure to approach the essay or prompts from multiple perspectives in order to improve the quality of your essay.

More evidence

A way to make your essay more persuasive is to add more evidence. It can be accomplished by referring to other points within your essay. Provide supporting information as well as an outline of every point. Also, it is important to anticipate opposing arguments. In writing an argumentative essay, it is essential to anticipate what you’ll say and include evidence in each one.

Use transition words

The essay you write, the transition words help establish the connection between different paragraphs or sentences. The words you use to improve your essay’s flow and establish a context between points. Below are some examples that show how to utilize terms that mean transitions: – A patient’s care is preceded with charts. – After patient care then charting, followed by charts.

Clarify the meaning of the words used to transition. These words serve to join pieces of writing in a cohesive way, ensuring uniformity. It’s possible to seek guidance in choosing the proper word or phrase. An alphabet of transition words could be helpful to organize your essay.

A thesaurus is a great instrument!

Thesaurus is very useful in the writing process. It will help you discover synonyms for words you frequently use and assist to choose the most appropriate word to describe an concept. A lot of students believe using thesaurus is going to make them appear pretentious.

Thesauruses can help you change the tone and nuance of your writing. As an example, using a word like prosaic could give your writing an academic vibe as vanilla, whereas prosaic is more formal and more casual. Remember that certain words are more appropriate for specific audiences than others.

Avoid repetition

Beware of repetition in essays. Repeated writing can make read less fun as well as hinder the reader’s understanding of your content. Make use of the Find function in an word processor to prevent repetition of the same words. This feature can help you find specific words and phrases that repeatedly repeat.

Thesaurus can be another method to prevent repetition. This will allow you to use words that are commonly used in conjunction with synonyms. Many grammar checkers also come with a built-in thesaurus. Make sure not to utilize many synonyms. Use of thesaurus should be moderate and limitless.

If you find yourself writing the same thing over Try rewriting your sentences. This will help you eliminate the repetitive writing as well as create a buzzing rhythm within your writing. Your writing will be much more interesting to and read. Also, the greater the amount of repetition you eliminate it’s the more fascinating your writing will be.

Another way to reduce repetition is to employ pronouns. Pronouns are used to distinguish different people. It’s okay to utilize them for a few occasions depending on the context. Utilize pronouns as needed and include your names sparingly. It’s also a great suggestion to read your work aloud to make sure it flows naturally of thoughts throughout. While proofreading, you may look for any repetitions.

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