Fishing boat trip in Marmaris is a great lazy day out and water sports activity for sea lovers. If you want to do something different at the sea in your Marmaris holidays, than taking a fishing trip along the open seas is a must especially for couples and families.


During the fishing trip along the beautiful bays of Marmaris, you may experience and enjoy a tailor made day of fishing, sightseeing, lazy day sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, snoozing and eating and drinking or the combination of all of them.

If you want to take as much advantage as possible of the fishing enjoyment, than head out on a Marmaris fishing tours.


Fishing in Marmaris mostly organized daily, twice a day, between May and October. Most of the tours goes for about 3 to 4 hours.

Travellers are picked up from their hotels and meet the 12 metres fishing boat at the harbour and go for having a fantastic and fun fishing day out through the beautiful bays of Marmaris.

The boat takes a maximum of 12 anglers and it has all the necessary equipment that you’ll need for fishing. You can be sure that you’ll definitely catch fish and see numerous types of fish in wonderful colours.

You’ll also have a swimming break during the tour at the each stop of the boat. You can jump from the boat to crystal clear water, swim or sunbath during the breaks.